ICS OT Cybersecurity Engineer

Hunt LNG Operating Company S.A.C.

Job Description


  • Comply with information security and cybersecurity directives, plans, procedures, guidelines, legal requirements, and other adopted company commitments regards to protect ICS/OT/IIoT environments
  • Participate actively in any Information Security or Cybersecurity activity required as part of the assigned duties and in general, in any other initiative implemented by the Company to improve the ICS/OT performance.
  • Promote compliance with Information Security and Cybersecurity standards and guidelines at work, including any work engaging contractors and suppliers.
  • Monitoring, record, audit, maintenance and diagnostic of Continuous Threat Detection and
  • Secure Remote Access systems and others OT applications.
  • Protect information and assets from unauthorized access, duplication, modification, or destruction.
  • Analyze the security measures implemented.
  • Coordinate with third parts a cybersecurity audits over OT systems and correct any weaknesses or vulnerabilities.
  • Implement security Patches of workstations and servers validated by vendors of the IACS
  • Performs and maintains a complete asset inventory of the SCADA system with a passive or active monitoring system and document system.
  • Reviews and/or monitors OT/ICS network and system activity, including Telecommunications, Wireless (LTE) and Radio technologies, and analyses evidence of suspicious behavior to identify and report events for the purpose of protecting information, information systems, and networks from threats.
  • Perform backup and recovery to the OT Firewalls and network switches based on OT Asset Inventory
  • Develop a cybersecurity management system aligned with framework or standard adopted.
  • Ensure compliance of
  • Participation in OT Cybersecurity Self-assessment, Technical reviews and audits in order to identify areas for improvement
  • Develop OT cybersecurity competencies program for people involved in OT cybersecurity.
  • Investigate and promote the technical upgrades necessary to maintain the Cybersecurity Level as required.
  • Contractors Management following the Company Procedures and Requirements.
  • Ensure compliance of QHSE, Asset Integrity, and Process Safety Management Policies, Procedures and Requirements.
  • Work in close coordination and collaboration with Other areas related to Assets Management.
  • Ensure compliance of Human Resources and Administration Procedures and Requirements, including Hunt LNG culture promotion.

Experiencie Required

  • 3-6 years in IACS/OT environments
  • Experience within the Industrial Control Systems.
  • Be familiar with safety systems.
  • Strong knowledge of automation and control systems (PLC, RTU, HMI, others)
  • Strong knowledge of OT communication protocols (modbus, ethernet, fieldbus, controlnet, profibus, profinet OPCHDA, OPC DA, OPC UA).
  • Bachelor’s Degree required
  • Between 3-6 years of direct experience required.

Competencies Required

  • Well-Organized
  • Analysis Capability
  • Communication
  • Proactiveness
  • Troubleshooting


Hunt Oil in Peru

We enter the Peruvian market at the invitation of Pluspetrol, to partner and participate in the Camisea Project and we are a key player in the development of the Natural Gas industry in Peru.

Our experience in the sector allows us to develop projects across the world under all types of terrain and environments: severe climates, mountainous terrain, high seas and rainforests. In fact, we hold the Guinness record for having the highest gas pipeline in the world (4,901m a.s.l.).

Our Businesses In Peru Focus On The Following Initiatives

Camisea: positioned as the largest gas producer in Peru. We have a 25.2% stake in the consortium, which includes the Malvinas Plant (natural gas processing plant) and the Pisco Plant (liquid fractionation plant). Camisea extracts natural gas from Blocks 88 and 56, located in Cusco, and contains the largest number of proven reserves to date.

PERU LNG: is to date, the largest private investment in the hydrocarbons sector in Peru. We have 50% participation and we are the operators of it. The company’s assets include a port terminal, a 408 km pipeline and a natural gas liquefaction plant. Since 2017, the plant has a truck loading terminal that supplies gas to the north and south of the country.

TEAs: in 2018, we carried out three technical evaluations in agreement with Perupetro for reprocessing, seismic reinterpretation and other studies related to the existing wells in three exploration blocks in the Ucayali Basin called LXVI, LXVII and LXVIII Blocks.

At Hunt, our core values (Respect, Humility, Community, Teamwork and Creativity) are the fundamental beliefs upon which our behaviors are based, together with our culture helps guide us to manage its relationships, processes, policies and systems.

Hunt Oil operates with the highest industry standards to ensure strict compliance with Peruvian and international legislation. For such reason, the company carries out its operations in accordance with the environmental protection standards, which include international regulations.

Our philosophy is contributing to the strengthening of relationships of trust and respect with our neighbors. All social investment projects have been developed in coordination with the communities, with whom a permanent and fluid dialogue was established long before beginning our operations.

All these principles help guide us to reach our purpose which is:


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