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What is Dtravel?

Dtravel is the first vacation rental platform with blockchain technology and web3 at its core. Our mission is to create a rewarding travel experience for everyone through direct connections. To achieve this mission we are working on building an ecosystem of products; Dtravel Direct, Dtravel Meridian and Dtravel Protocol. 

Dtravel Direct – Allows hospitality operators to easily create a brand, drive new direct bookings, increase average checkout value, and reduce dependency on OTAs.

Dtravel Meridian – Enables travelers to collect digital mementos and rewards travelers for completing trips. 

Dtravel Protocol – Enables travel industry participants to openly use and build on Dtravel’s global blockchain based distribution network to read, write and distribute listing data.

Join us in creating a more fair, transparent and rewarding travel experience.

Why Design at Dtravel?

If you are passionate about travel, you love problem solving, and you’re curious about web3, Dtravel is the place for you. As a Designer at Dtravel, you’ll be working on problems at the forefront of the future of the internet and commerce, crafting solutions for the following:

  • Trust: How might we utilize “trustless” mechanisms of blockchain technology to facilitate seamless peer-to-peer transactions and interactions between operators and guests with no middlemen or intermediaries? How might design thinking generate more consumer trust in web3 concepts, at large?

  • Governance & Community: How might we empower our community members to be active participants in shaping the future of our project? What will the design process look like when we’re designing with our community, rather than for them?

  • Dispute Resolution: What does the future of customer service look like without centralized intermediaries? How might we engage our DAO to resolve issues between community members?

  • Identity, Reputation & Credentials: How might we decentralize reviews and online reputation of operators and guests? What does a future travel industry look like when reputation and reviews aren’t contained inside each travel provider, but instead bridge across many different booking platforms?

  • Loyalty: How might the future of online reputation pave the way for new mechanisms of decentralized loyalty and rewards programs?

  • Education: How might we utilize education to create an easier on-ramp for more people to experience the benefits of ownership, freedom, and control that web3 has to offer?

What Will I be Working On?

This position offers the opportunity to work on ground-breaking products that will redefine the future of travel and commerce.

  • Hospitality operator tools: Define and design the tools short-term rental operators need to run their business as effectively and enjoyably as possible. This can include listing page creation and management, calendar and reservation management, marketing products, messaging tools, and more.

  • Guest and Operator loyalty programs: How might we reward guests and operators for positive behavior?

  • Guest and Operator referral programs: How can we make it easy and rewarding for our community to help grow itself?

  • Operator onboarding: How might we bring new operators onto the platform as easily as possible while educating them on new concepts, such as cryptocurrencies and DAOs? How might that experience differ for an owner-operator with one property vs a property manager with 1,000 properties? 

  • Guest platform: Define and design the future of search, aggregation, wish lists, wallet infrastructure, listing pages, checkout flows, messaging, and more. 

  • Governance tools: What does it look like when a community of thousands or millions of operators, guests, and token holders are submitting proposals and voting on the future of the protocol?

Am I the Right Culture Fit?

You are a good culture fit if you align with our values:
  • You value ownership

    • You believe the future of the internet is built around the foundational pillar of granting more ownership to people and communities, rather than centralized corporations

    • You put this value to practice by taking initiative to bring positive results and fully owning the entire process of your work from start to finish

    • You strike a balance between individual accountability and trusting in the ownership of your teammates.

    • You seek and give feedback, but are able to disagree and commit in the interest of progress

  • You value consciousness and intentionality

    • You listen to our community and are conscious of how your actions affect our team and community members

    • You are a direct, honest, and respectful communicator

    • You are always positive in your intentions and your tone

    • You communicate your intentions to build trust

  • You are idealistic

    • You believe that web3 technology will completely transform the world for the better

    • You are open to skeptics but are steadfast in your belief in our long-term mission of decentralization

    • You optimize for quality and longevity over a quick win or a flash in the pan

  • You are transparent

    • You maintain transparency with your teammates and our community

    • You’re honest, communicative, and don’t keep secrets

    • You believe transparency is paramount in building trust

Do I Have the Necessary Skills?

We are looking to hire a strong design generalist – someone who can facilitate the entire design process from research to prototyping to final execution.

Required skills
  • Rapid prototyping

    • You have the ability to visualize and demonstrate new ideas through prototypes our community and team can interact with

  • Visual and graphic design

    • You are a strong visual communicator

    • You have an eye for quality, detail, and polish

    • You can work with an engineering team to ensure implementation represents your work

    • You care deeply for craft and infuse a detail-oriented mindset within the broader product development process and culture

  • Communication

    • You have an ability to partner with a product manager, other designers, and your engineering team at every stage in the product development process

    • You are great at receiving and delivering feedback

Nice-to-Have Skills
  • Research

    • You are great at defining a problem and articulating that problem to your teammates

    • You can run and facilitate your own research projects, whether its usability testing or generative research interviews

    • You are great at deriving insights from research

    • You can be an advocate for the user when communicating with your team and establishing priorities

Who Will I be Working With?

The core Dtravel team is composed of seasoned industry veterans across both the travel industry and the crypto world. You will be working with a wide range of functions, but primarily will be expected to partner with our Head of Design and our Head of Product. 

The candidate is ideally located in the time zones between GMT-6 and GMT. 

To apply, please visit the following URL:→