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Level is building a modern remote monitoring and management solution. We are a small, well-funded, team that recently launched our product. We are searching for a strong, multi-talented individual contributor who is comfortable with systems-level programming and networking and can contribute to our agent, written in Go.

– Deep knowledge of a systems language like C, Rust, or Go.
– Not afraid to dig into an RFC. Low-level internals excites you, rather than scare you away.
– Experience with system-level APIs in Windows (win32), macOS, and/or Linux.
– Excellent written communicator.
– Willing to learn and work with Go.

– You are comfortable using GCC and find yourself at home going through a C codebase.
– Familiarity with RPC and common methods of IPC such as sockets and named pipes.
– Video encoding experience. You have worked with VP8 and understand the spec.
– Building cross-platform libraries, our Go agent compiles to Windows, Darwin, and Linux on a variety of architectures.

Things you might work on
– Building a cross-platform application management system to give users the ability to automatically install and update apps.
– Working with VP8 to reduce the latency and bandwidth when streaming a device.
– Creating a native GUI for the agent.
– Adding a proxy to the agent that enables remote access to routers and switches.
– Implementing Trickle ICE to improve WebRTC connection times.

Why you might want to work with us
– We are a small, fully remote engineering team, and there are no layers of bureaucracy. You can have a huge impact here.
– We are very flexible with working hours, we don’t expect you to work a consistent block of time, and we trust you to get your work done.
– We launched within the last year and are starting to grow.

Why you might not want to work with us
– We are an early-stage startup, and while we are well funded, we are careful with our runway and haven’t splurged on extra perks like gym memberships or 401k matching.
– You want to work with a large team. We believe that small teams are better and do not intend to hire more until it is painful enough to warrant doing so.

More About Us
We are a small, close-knit team working to upend the RMM market with our new product. We have recently launched and have acquired our first hundred customers. Though we are a startup, our investors have given us a multi-year runway.

Our agent team is small, with just two developers. This hire should be an experienced self-starter that can make an impact on our product development. We aren’t interested in someone that just wants to work down a list of pre-defined tasks. Our ideal candidate loves working on products and will help shape the direction of ours. We’re going to be improving this product for years and want someone to come on this journey with us.

We really like the Basecamp philosophy and try to make sure that it doesn’t have to be crazy at work. We won’t ask that you work weekends, or late into the night. We don’t mind if you need to leave for an appointment in the middle of the day. We understand that software development doesn’t happen for 8 hours straight and don’t worry about counting time in the chair. We trust that given a fair timeline with a scope that you help us determine you will be able to deliver features. We are concerned with the end goal, not micromanaging you on the way there.

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