Senior Software Engineer Mobile

Position Summary is seeking a strong iOS Developer with demonstrated experience designing and implementing
enterprise scale mobile solutions. The ideal candidate will bring both strategic vision and solid execution
skills to create native applications for mobile devices. This is a hands-on role, primarily focused on the
development of our native iOS applications.

Required Skills:
● Work alongside a diverse group of peers strategizing, planning and executing business and IT initiatives
● Clearly and consistently communicate with team members, project managers and other stakeholders
● Demonstrate the ability to effectively maintain, refactor and evolve solutions for existing technological services
● Ability to prototype, present and develop solutions for new technological services and requirements
● Collaborate with members of the design team to help improve existing features, create new features and help problem solve.
● Work closely with the project management team to estimate development efforts, communicate the current status of a project and stay aligned with short and long-term initiatives.
● Provide constructive feedback to team members in the form of code reviews, verbal discussion and peer reviews.
● Demonstrate self-discipline and the ability to solve problems without close supervision

Required Experience:
● Extensive experience in Swift iOS and iPad development
● Strong experience with Apple Foundation core frameworks
● Understanding of the Objective-C runtime environment
● Effective memory management skills, multi-threading and smooth interface development
● Strong knowledge and experience developing in multiple architecture patterns
● String knowledge of networking and API best practices
● Strong skills creating rich user interfaces via programmatically and through XIBs/Storyboards.
● Knowledge of how to profile, debug and optimize apps through Xcode Instruments.
● Ability to diagnose application crashes through crash report symbolication.
● Strong experience with testing frameworks and enabling automated testing
● Experience working within a continuously integrated environment (CI/CD)
● Experience with CocoaPods for integrating and maintaining third-party dependencies.
● Experience using GIT in an individual and team environment for source control, versioning, and releases.
● Ability to collaborate in an Agile team environment, communicate effectively, and take ownership for tasks.
● Ability to work cross-functionally and communicate with other teams and stakeholders.
● Ability to consistently estimate, track, and report progress through project management tools such as JIRA.
● Ability to do proof-of-concept work and discovery on new OS capabilities

● Experience with Fastlane for automating developer workflows.
● Experience with GraphQL
● Experience with UI Automated testing

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