Senior Software Engineer Platform


How You Contribute to Our Vision: Key Responsibilities 

We don’t hire based on experience with a handful of tools – experience with our stack is just a bonus. Instead, we want smart, capable people who can learn our tools quickly (and suggest new ones!) as needed. Some of the technologies that have been introduced by our great engineers include: Node.js, Java, Python, C#, etc.

  • You will work with a wide range of high volume systems, processes, and technologies to build features and solve customer problems. 
  • You will build and ship new customer-facing features, working directly with a product manager, customer support team, and a team of engineers. 
  • You will collaborate with other teams (such as product, UX, and other engineering teams) to deliver the highest quality experience on all platforms. 
  • You will provide code reviews for your fellow team members. 
  • You, along with your team members, will own and maintain the production systems that you build over the long term, be on-call for production issues, and steer the future direction of the components. 
  • Participating in your team’s on-call rotation, triaging and addressing production issues as they arise.

About You: Skills and Attributes

  • You have a track record of stepping up and leading successful, large-scale, cross-team engineering projects
  • You have a demonstrated ability to drive and improve a domain
  • You are capable of leading technical discussions and help drive technical decisions within the team
  • You are proactive and have great communication; you are capable of working highly independently with minimal supervision
  • You ensure you completely understand a problem before proposing a solution
  • You are an engineering generalist, you love learning new skills and technology, and are passionate about solving problems regardless of language or domain
  • You are able to work in areas outside your comfort zone and are actively looking for opportunities for personal growth
  • You have experience coaching and mentoring others

Minimum Requirements

  • You have 5+ years of development experience working on customer-facing and web-based systems. 
  • You have experience designing, building, and operating large systems with scalability, 
  • availability, and performance requirements. 
  • You have experience working in an agile environment with iterative development and fast feedback. 
  • You have at least one web programming framework (e.g. Express/NodeJS, Phoenix/Elixir, Ruby on Rails).
  • You have experience with tools that ensure your high-quality work makes a smooth, automated, repeatable transition from your machine to our staging and production environments.

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