Tools and API Developer


Tools and API Developer


We are looking for a versatile and experienced software developer to lead Zilliqa’s developer experience and tools team.


Working in the developer experience group, you will be responsible for:

  • Maintaining Zilliqa’s public-facing tools, APIs, and source code; this includes implementing enhancements, keeping our tools up to date and buildable, monitoring and addressing security issues and issues from the community.
  • Working to open-source as much of Zilliqa’s internal tooling and infrastructure as possible.
  • Building tooling to allow Zilliqa and our community members to work as efficiently as possible – this includes adopting, improving and building new tools for deploying our projects as quickly and easily as possible, for testing, observability and maintenance, and debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Managing the services we provide to partners and our community and arrange for appropriate maintenance by the teams responsible for them, or where appropriate, yourself.
  • Monitoring the use of our tools and external APIs to judge what should be extended or retired, and what new facilities might be useful to us and our community.


  • A good working knowledge (or the ability to acquire it) of:
    • Typescript, yarn, node.js, npm, javascript
    • Rust, C++, golang
    • HTML, CSS, SASS, React, Vue and Svelte
    • Docker (and probably in the future podman) and other container technologies
    • AWS, kubernetes and various databases (including Postgres and MongoDB)
    • CICD systems – specifically, travis.
    • Some python would be an advantage.
  • You will need to be adaptable and find it easy to work with unfamiliar technologies and codebases relatively quickly.
  • A good sense of how to write code so that others can easily pick up and use it, and for what level of sophistication yields the best tradeoff between developer efficiency and coding efficiency.
  • An ability to understand complex distributed systems and build tools that work effectively across them.
  • You will need a degree in Computer Science (or a related subject) and at least 3 years of experience.


  • Cryptocurrency or blockchain experience.
  • DevOps experience – in particular with terraform and ansible
  • Team leadership experience.

To apply, submit your resume in PDF format or LinkedIn Profile.

To apply, please visit the following URL:→